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Medford Battery Storage

Providing Backup Power to Your Home or Business 

Power outages can be one of the most frustrating and damaging events to occur at your home or business. At Future Tech, Inc., we offer modern battery storage systems that harness solar power to provide backup electricity during power outages caused by wind, fires, and other events.

Why battery storage? Besides protecting you from outages, utilizing stored rather than new energy when your home or business’ demand is higher means you’ll end up paying for less. This will help to increase the savings on your monthly electric bill far more than solar panels do alone. Modern battery storage systems are digitized, which allows you to control and monitor your energy sources remotely; plus, smart sensors, intelligent control systems, and internet-accessible software optimize your energy use for you.

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What Is Battery Storage?

As a safety measure, solar panels completely shut down and stop providing energy to your property during a power outage. Battery storage allows you to store energy to use whenever needed, so that during power outages—or when your solar panels aren’t producing power, like at night—you aren’t left in the dark.

The year 2020 saw a total of 22 billion-dollar disasters, the most on record. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), in 2019, customers nationwide “experienced an average of 3.2 hours of interruptions during major events and 1.5 hours of interruptions without major events, or nearly 5 hours total.” Residents of the Medford area are often stuck without power during wildfires, storms, and other disasters. With a battery storage system in place, such inconveniences are a thing of the past. 

Battery Storage & Solar Power Go Hand in Hand

Solar panels can only produce energy when the sun is high and bright in the sky. However, for many households this is far from ideal as during the day is often when people are away from home at work or school. 

Battery storage and solar panel systems pair well together because battery storage offers a way to save the solar energy produced during the day. This makes the stored solar power available to use at times such as the evening, when your consumption is peaking, and during outages. Battery storage works by allowing the storage of excess energy produced by solar panels, which typically is sold back to your electricity provider. 

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Generators are loud and require well-ventilated open areas to be used safely; solar panels shut down in the evenings and during outages. Battery storage provides a safe and convenient supply of power to your home or business and can reduce the amount of time you’re without electricity during outages. Battery storage also reduces your carbon footprint. To protect your property from outages and reduce your environmental impact, reach out to Future Tech, Inc. today to install battery storage. 

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